Replica Watches are equipped with automatic mechanical movements

Among all Rolex replica watches, Lady-Datejust is the best-selling replica watch series with elegant design, prestige and versatility. This is a collection of many different models in terms of size, case material and dial design, but all in all, Lady-Datejust is a gift specially designed by Rolex for female customers.

Unlike most battery-powered or quartz-powered ladies' watches on the market, every Lady-Datejust replica watch is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement, reflecting the brand's own spirit. As an evolution of the men's datejust series launched in 1945, the first Lady-Datejust model came out in 1957.

The Lady-Datejust replica watch uses a more compact case, but retains the basic spirit of the 1945 series. Its basic dial has an enlarged Cyclops lens directly above the date window. Usually, in the Lady-Datejust watch, replica Rolex will add the hardest natural material on the earth-diamond, to increase luster and femininity. The diamonds are beautifully set on the hour markers on the bezel, strap and dial. Even the most high-end and best watches have Rolex diamonds on their dials. Take a look, what are the 4 most famous Rolex Lady-Datejust models of Gia Bao Luxury today?

Everose is a relatively new material in the history of replica Rolex watches. Prior to this, Rolex rose gold was a regular rose gold. The official launch of Everose Gold took place in 2005. This is an exclusive material forged by the Rolex brand's own foundry.

Collectors, players of all ages and professions who feel that platinum or gold are no longer convincing, may like the Everose Gold Rolex Datejust Watch.​​​ In Lady-Datejust 279271, replica Rolex chose to combine Everose gold with stainless steel. This combination was named Everose Rolesor by replica Rolex.

The final result is clearly visible, the Lady-Datejust 279171 is a fine watch with a diameter of 28 mm, the smallest in the entire Rolex series. Rolex placed 10 typical diamonds above the mother-of-pearl dial of this watch, instead of the basic hour markers commonly found on Rolex men’s watches.

Generally, ladies have the habit of wearing Bulgari bracelets combined with many accessories on their wrists, but in fact, the Lady-Datejust 279171 on women's wrists has become extremely prominent.

The first Datejust 36 watch is made of gold, which is the most original and typical material in the replica watches uk Rolex classic series. In the current Lady-Datejust 279173, Rolex combines the gold on the bezel with the stainless steel of the unique waterproof Oyster case to give this watch a luxurious and classic beauty.

The interesting thing about the current model is that the dial has a green like pandan leaf and is displayed on the dial in the form of vertical stripes. To this day, the combination of gold and green has always been a representative of noble and gorgeous beauty, and has been selected as their artwork by leading jewelers. Just like the exquisite necklace made by Cartier in 1937 that sold 9,125,000 Swiss francs at Christie’s auction on November 12, 2013, it is a combination of diamonds, emeralds and pure gold chains.